Music For Chameleons

Get your Saturday started off right by spending a lil' Q.T. with your new pal, The Lar-Bear. Proudly guiding you on a style-hopping, soul-satisfying tour through the vaults that promises to satiate your appetite for genre-spanning tuneage, yet leave you pleading for MORE! MORE!! MORE!!! Running the gamut of the most esoteric jams dug up from the depths of obscurity to completely accessible tracks that even your parents could sing in their entirety, Music For Chameleons is 100% Gauranteed to please everyone from the most discerning snob to the total neophyte! *Note: all guarantees are completely speculative and not based on researched facts, or even grounded in reality in any way whatsoever. In the event that you listen to this show and are NOT satisfied, no recompense will be awarded other than a verbal apology. Said apology can be obtained from this phone number: 1-800-IN-YR-EAR!!!

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